Independent Thinking and Learning

Independent learning is a process that leads to higher order thinking. It allows the learner to use his or her judgment about how best to learn - allowing for different learning styles. This leads to the development of independent, critical thinking skills, personal confidence, motivation, and responsibility as a learner. One of my goals this year is to aid my students in becoming independent, lifelong learners. I am confident that if we work together we will easily be able to reach a reasonable comfort zone where I let go and you take ownership of your own learning. I know that each one of you will be successful in the independent learning process. The first step you need to take is to be confident that you will succeed, too!

Your Responsibility as a Student in Ms. LaMagna's Class

It is your responsibility to come to class prepared. That means you should not only have something to write on, you should have something to write with. Homework assignments should be complete and ready to be checked as soon as class begins. The agenda for the day is written on the board in the same place and in the same color each day. You should begin your warm-up activity as soon as class begins. Your homework assignment is written on the board in the same place and in the same color each day as well - write this down in your agenda as soon as you have completed your warm-up activity. You are not to be out of your seat during class - if you have a question or need something, raise your hand. You should show courtesy for your fellow classmates and your teachers by not talking over them. It is important to pay attention - your teachers like to laugh and joke around, too, but there is a time and place for everything. You already know all of this, though, right??






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